Saturday, August 29, 2009

Week in review (August 23 to 29 2009)

Welcome to another five-minute-review, where we try to recap the week that was in five minutes or less!

The Big Story: Sony's DSLR Power-Play
The big story this week was Sony's DSLR attack on the market, starting with the Alpha A850, a 35mm-full-frame DSLR that lowers the 35mmFF club admission fee to $2000 for a brand new digital camera. The camera has 24-megapixels and it is very similar to the current A900 flagship.

Coming along side are two semi-mid-range cameras that have a lot in common, the 14mp CMOS-based Alpha A550 with its 7fps burst mode, and the 12mp CMOS-based Alpha A500.

Alongside the three DSLRs came the Sony 28-75mm f2.8 SAM lens, a 35mmFF lens going for $800, but despite the workhorse specifications, it did not get the prestigious "G" marking, which has some wondering that this may be a Tamron rebrand.

The Canon 7D gets closer
The Canon 7D got louder and louder as more bits and pieces got leaked. Also rumor-leaked were two EF-S lenses and a 100mm f2.8 LISUSM macro. Needless to say, rumor-leaks are not the same as official announcements, so don't sell the car just yet!

Other new cameras this week
While everybody was busy with Sony and Canon, Samsung has sneaked in their own mega-zoom a 24X mega-zoom that actually offers RAW and manual exposure.

Not officially announced, but "discovered" on the Panasonic website was the $100 P&S LiIon-based Panasonic FS4, which sadly has the ID-Security battery "feature".

Impact Reviews
There was a lot of review action this week, with a number of cameras getting their first looks, including the Fuji F70EXR and Sony A850, while the Sony A380 got "dismantled" at dpreview. Others getting reviews included the Nikon D3000 and Ricoh GRD III.

Other happenings
The HD-powered Nikon D300s is now shipping at the expected price of $1800, alongside the entry-level D3000.

Further Reading
You can relive the whole week play-by-play by checking the August archives of the main blog, and the list of the latest posts at the other noisy blogs.

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