Saturday, August 15, 2009

Week in review (August 9 to 15)

Welcome to a new five-minute rewind, a recap of the week that was in five minutes or less (or the next one is free!)

The Big Story: Leica sets date for S2
Leica has now committed to delivering the first Leica S2 units in October. They have also confirmed the finalized specifications with the starting price of $23,000 which is not exactly pocket change.

New Cameras: Samsung doubles the displays
It was a quiet week in terms of announcements, but Samsung stole the show with their dual view point and shoot compacts, two cameras that have an LCD display on the front and on the back.

The new camera also feature GPS and WiFi and touch-screens and things like that. Also along them was a more traditional single-screen folded-optics bijou, the CL65/ST1000.

Impact Reviews
The Ricoh GRD 3 got two reviews on the same day from the same continent! It was Ricoh Day in Oceania!

An impact review of a different type, the Samsung HZ15w got its review at one of the major review sites, but were the results what Samsung fans wanted to read? Find out!.

Not yet finalized, but very interesting for sure, Imaging Resource has posted all their lab test results of the Pentax K7!

Further Reading
You can check all the news of the week at the August archives and the headlines from all the noisy blogs.

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