Saturday, August 8, 2009

Week in review (July 26 - August 1)

Due to the increased camera chatter, we were not able to post a weekly recap for the previous week, but fear not, we are posting it now :-) We just don't want to leave a temporal hole in the blog annals ;-)

The Big Story: Maitani passes away
Maitani, the father of the Pen and one of the all-time greats in the world of camera design has passed away but lived to see his PEN design get transported to the digital era with the E-P1.

New Nikon DSLRs and lenses
Nikon added two more DSLRs to the pool of options with the D300s, an HD-powered improvement on the two-year-old D300, and the D3000, a sidekick to the current D5000 but hopefully without the power-recall-issues.

On the lens front, the 70-200mm lens got version II and it is now upgrade bait for the amateurs and professional photographers looking to buy new lenses.

The other lens that came out was also a version II, this one of the 18-200mm DX VR superzoom.

Stories of interest
Sell that new car and go for that trusty old Civic or Accord. That may be one way to fund a future purchase of the Leica S-system, whose prices were revealed, with the camera itself (Leica S2) coming in at $23000.

The financial results kept coming in, and as you can expect, the state of the world economy is not exactly launching parties at the camera manufacturers.

More New Cameras from Panasonic and Ricoh
In addition to the Nikon DSLRs, we also had some more new cameras officially revealed:

+ Four new Panasonics, headlined by the RAWzoomer FZ35/FZ38 and the new sub-line even-smaller-than-before fun-zoom, the ZX1/ZR1. Don't yell at us for the double-names, please yell at Panasonica :)

+ Ricoh strikes back with GRD III, a megapixel-restrained camera with a new f1.9 lens. This is a camera to watch, but just don't expect miracles. This came out (pure coincidence of course) just hours after we had an impromptu Ricoh Day.

All the posts
You can check all the posts from that week by visiting the July archives of the main blog.

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