Saturday, September 19, 2009

Week in Review (Sept 13-19, 2009): Pentax K-x color-blasts the market

Another week is in the book as time flies faster than ever before :) Here is the five-minute review of the week that was!

The Big Story: The Pentax K-x Rainbow
Pentax managed to sneak in a brand new DSLR, along with a third DA-L lens, the 55-300mm f4-5.8 ED. The new DSLR is AA-based and affordable-priced and offers a little bit of everything, including HD-Video and a 12mp Sony CMOS sensor. Read all about the new Pentax K-x.

New Gear this week
Korean manufacturer Samyang revealed a new 14mm f2.8 ED lens, available in the four traditional SLR mounts for a reasonable price - under 300 euro in Europe.

Point Grey of beautiful British Columbia in Canada is showing a prototype of a USB 3.0-powered device that can stream 1080p high-def video. Yes, stream!

In addition to the K-x, Pentax also announced two point and shoots in Europe, the M85 and E85, taking LiIon and AA batteries respectively.

Meanwhile, Zeiss made the final announcement for the Canon version of the Ikon 18mm f3.5 T* ZE lens. ZE for Z-EOS. But beware, no modern luxuries like auto-focus :)

Rumors et al
As part of the K-x announcement, Pentax mentioned that the 645D medium format is on-track for a PMA 2010 release. So the camera with a soap-opera life is heading (at least for now) towards release. We'll find out more by PMA :)

On the Nikon front, there is some buzz about a Nikon D3s reveal by mid-October. We should start hearing more as the days go by!

On the Shiguma front, a couple of rumors talk of a Sigma DP1s coming later in the year, and the SD15 having good chances of materializing.

New mini-site launched
This week we finished and launched a brand new mini-site whose whole purpose in life is to feature the latest reviews of Micro Four Thirds cameras and lenses and nothing else! It will be a test of discipline and focus :-)

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