Saturday, September 26, 2009

Week in review (Sept 20-26): Hasselblad launches H4D-series

Another week is in the books! Let's recap the week in five-minutes or less!

The Big Story: Hasselblad tries its hand at auto-focus
Hasselblad has just launched their HD4-series of medium format digital cameras, and they are touting their new focusing technology that promises improvements and lure in more photographers to MF world.

New stuff this week
It was new software and gimmick lens week! Adobe launched Photoshop Elements 8 (Mac/PC) and at the same time, "The Google" struck back with Picasa 3.5.

On the gimmick lens front, Horseman launched four new converter lenses for DSLRs, and Lomography is building adapters that lets their Diana lens mount on DSLRs.

Wild Rumor
On the wild rumor frontier, there was talk of a 35-megapixel 35mm-full-frame Sony DSLR, the Alpha A1R. Real or ...AIR? :)

Impact Reviews
dpreview completely disrespected the Sigma DP2 with their above average review, casting more doubts on the usefulness of one-dimensional review-rating conclusions.

On the curiosity factor, two short reviews of the Fuji 3D camera system came out, but you may want to wait for more serious detailed reviews before making any dramatic decisions.

This was a busy review week, and you can see more of them on the Reviews mini-blog, including Canon 7D first looks, a major E-P1 review, Panasonic 20mm f1.7 pancake, along with Canon G11 samples.

Read all about it
You can follow the action from the previous week step-by-step by checking out the September 2009 archives.

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