Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week in review (Oct 11 to 17): Nikon D3s is revealed

Another week is in the books, and closer we get to 2010! So let's summarize the week that was.

The Big Story: All your ISOs are belong to us!
Nikon officially announced their new high ISO leader, the 9fps Nikon D3s. This is a camera that follows up on the influential Nikon D3 that was revealed in August 2007. Nikon has made a number of improvements, but showed megapixel-restraint by remaining at 12mp and thus driving the more-megapixels-please crowd crazy ;-)

We have also started a new hybrid page as an on-going D3s reference.

New Gear this week
Along with the D3s came the 85mm f3.5 DX VR lens, not intended to accompany the D3s (obviously) but to provide one more lens option for the DX shooters.

Meanwhile the medium format world continued to make news, with the new Leaf announcing the $8000 Aptus II 5 digital back, which when combined with a $2000 body+lens kit, providing an even more affordable entry-point into the world of digital medium format. The price delta between MF and the top of the 35mmFF world (D3X, M9, 1DsMk3) is essentially gone!

And in the world of Zeiss, a 28mm f2 ZE lens for the Canon EF-mount was revealed.

Review season continues
The waves and waves of reviews continued this week, as more and more of the exciting or mysterious cameras of the last few months are making it into the hands of photographers. Of course not all reviews are alike, and usually the faster one produces a review, the less detailed and in-depth it is. So in some cases, it pays to wait for the expert reviewers to post their diatribes.

Among the gear seeing review-action this week were the Canon 7D, Leica M9, Sony Exmor-R, the Canon 100mm f2.8 hybrid IS and Nikon 70-200 VR II lenses, the Alpha A850 and A550/500 and more.

You can also check all the Micro Four Thirds reviews in reverse chronological order at our new and disciplined reference mini-site.

Other Items of Interest
One of the die-hard Foveon-Sigma fans Laurence Matson gave a 30-minute interview to the Imaging Insider talking and defending all things Foveonesque.

Epson dives in the advanced EVF bandwagon promising to provide more usable alternatives to optical viewfinders for use in advanced digital cameras.

We could go on for hours, but then it would defeat the purpose of a weekly digest :) For those who want to catch up with everything we recommend:
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