Saturday, October 24, 2009

Week in review (October 18 to 24, 2009): Canon 1D Mark IV is revealed

Closer and closer we get to 2010 calendar fans :) This was Photo Plus Expo week, with a number of websites and blogs writing from the trade show floor. We have round-ups of interest, and you can also check our last year's coverage in case you are feeling like a time-traveler.

Big Story: Canon 1D Mark IV is announced
Last week was all about the Nikon D3s, this week it was Canon's turn to answer, and answer they did! And the good news for people who like variety and diversity, the bradn new 1D Mark IV is different from the D3s. It has a 1.3x (APS-H) sensor and 16mp versus the 12mp of 35mmFF of the D3s. So choices there are young Photo-Jedis ;-)

Reviews of interest
As expected, this was another busy week with reviews as more of the cameras of interest got put through the paces at various review sites.

In Other Action
The Leica S2 got delayed again, at the excitement of its medium format rivals.

Canon once again showed how detached is from the internet reality as they once again pulled a viral Laforet video.

Adobe got into the action as well, by launching a public beta of Lightroom 3, free for everyone to use until the end of April 2010. Six months FREE :)

Noisy blog updates
We have a new shortcut url for you so you can quickly get to the front page of the main blog from any computer in the world! Simply type and you will be taken there. It's easy to remember 1001noisycameras = 1001nc! And it's easy to type! Just seven characters :)

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