Saturday, October 10, 2009

Week in review (October 4 to 10)

One more week, and closer to 2010 we get! Eighty days before the turn of the new year, fall is here, and it appears digital camera manufacturers are not done yet for 2009!

The Big Story: Canon dominates the headlines
It was a big Canon week indeed, with the Canon 7D getting into the hands of more and more photographers, along with the Canon G11 and potentially the breakaway hit of the season, the S90 IS.

Great Expectations
All eyes will be on Nikon in the next few days as they will be having an announcement of sorts. Will it be a D3s? A D700 companion model? A fixed-lens camera with a bigger sensor? Something boring? Something surprising? We'll know by the middle of the week! And we'll turn the blog banner yellow (Nikon color) in anticipation :)

New Cameras
Exemode announced in Japan a new retro-looking digital camera intended to go on sale in Japan for the equivalent of under $100. This fixed-lens camera with a 5mp sensor will carry the name of Yashica EZ-F521. Not an easy to remember name. A number of people are already thinking of it as some sort of a "Digital Holga".

In this case, it was more of a new model-name than a camera in its own right, as Fuji announced the F72 EXR, a rebadge of the F70 EXR for select retailers, similar to the F40fd/F45fd and other past Finepixies.

From the Noisy Research department
We took all the data for the new cameras of 2009 and summarized it, not with text, but (for a change) with graphs and pictures. A quick way to visualize the year in cameras!

Review Action
As usual, plenty of reviews hit the internet waves, including the Panasonic GF1, Nikon D300s, Pentax K-7 and more! Speaking of reviews, we added more review clusters and we will be added some more in the coming week.

All the action
The purpose of this weekly recap is to be a five minute recap, but if you wish, you can relive all the action play-by-play by checking the October archives, along with a list of the latest post from all the noisy blogs.

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