Saturday, November 21, 2009

Week in review (November 15-21): Casio has three new cameras

Another week is in the books and it is time for a recap in this a new edition of the "Five Minute Rewind".

New Gear This Week
Casio apparently thought this was CES 2010 week because they announced three new CES-friendly digital cameras, two of them in Japan, the EX-FH25 and EX-FC150 (superzoom and speed-demon compact) and the rugged EX-G1 in the US market. Geographic confusion! The first two are sequential updates on first edition models, while the G1 is a brand new model that looks more "scary" than the typical waterproof/elementproof camera out there.

But Casio was not the only one! At the other end of the spectrum, Hasselblad announced a multi-shot version of their H3Dii-50 medium format camera. The multi-shot feature shifts the sensor so it can collect full RGB data. Needless to say, it costs more than a Leica :)

Speaking of which, spitting in the face of the global economic recession, Leica announced a new luxury version of the (film) M7 camera, blinged-out by Hermes. Oh Leica...

Bring the fun back in photography
CNet Asia took a look at the new Yashica retro-digicam, dubbed as the "Digital Holga".

Also on the fun size, we have a poll asking readers to opine poll-wise on what they think of iPhone photography.

New Review-Clusters
We added seven more review-lists to the Review Organizers, making it easier for you to quickly find reviews of some of today's hot new cameras. This burst-mode update includes the Alpha A500/A550, the slim-zoom trio (Fuji F70, Panasonic ZR1/ZX1, Casio EX H10), and a couple of consumer-geek cameras (Nikon S1000pj, Sony WX1).

More Reviews
The review train continues to roll down the hills of CameraVille ;-) You can check all the reviews we featured during the week, including a lot of Canon action (S90, G11, 7D).

Further Reading
You can check the latest updates from all the noisy blogs at the Headlines page and check all the archives of the main blog at the Archives page.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Week in review (November 9-15): Ricoh shocks the market with GXR system

Welcome to another weekly recap. Just because it is mid-November, it doesn't mean the waves of new products are going to be quiet, especially this year!

The Big Story: Ricoh's GXR takes the world by storm
The big story of this week, if not perhaps one of the stories of the year was Ricoh's bold new GXR system, which changes the camera landscape by introducing a new approach: interchangeable blocks that consists of the lens and the sensor fused together. The initial system launch is in the form of a macro lens with an APS-C sensor, and a zoom lens with a 1/1.7x" sensor that is similar in zoom range to the Ricoh GX200.

New products this week
Casio is offering a golfer friendly version of their EX-FS10 bijou camera, named the EX-FS10S (S not for silver). Currently it appears to be a Japan-only release.

Review Action
This was another loaded week full of reviews with the Canon 7D and S90 getting a lot of attention.

You may find these interesting
Rollei may be making a comeback as the company who purchased remaining F&H assets is gearing up for production again. Details are yet to be finalized (or at least, revealed).

A Leica-HQ guy hinted at a Photokina 2010 announcement of the exciting variety in the Leica-verse.

You can teach kids of all ages the basics of digital camera design when the BigShots camera kit becomes available. For now, here is some initial information.

Further Reading
+ November archives
+ Headlines from all the noisy blogs

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Week in review (November 2-8): Olympus E-P2 is official

One more week is in the books, so it is time to recap things! We summarize this in a new edition of the "five minute rewind".

The Big Story: New Olympus E-P2
It may be November, but don't tell that to the camera manufacturers! Olympus has revealed its second Micro Four Thirds digital camera, the Olympus E-P2, offering more features and more price than the E-P1. The camera is estimated to ship in December/January.

In addition, Olympus has announced two new lenses that are expected to ship in the first half of 2010, and also revealed four lenses in their 2011 lens road map.

Review Parade continues
This was another busy review week, with cameras like the Canon 7D and Panasonic GF1 continuing to get waves and waves of attention. Leica itself got into the action, with two M9 reviews and X1 samples at dpreview. We even had a Sigma civil war.

Copyright law overhaul in UK?
Photographers in the UK may need to make drastic adjustments to their revenue models as the proposed overhaul of the copyright system would give non-profit users free-range.

But what exactly is non-profit these days? If a non-profit derivative work goes viral online (happens all the time), it could bring the "copier" revenue directly and indirectly. Then what?

Other stories of interest
DxO Optics version 6 is now offically announced , with Windoze users being able to download it immediately, and MacPhone users at a later time.

A number of Japanese old-media and new-media business publications circulated the rumor that JVC was buying Pentax from Hoya, as they were looking to off-load their music-software business. Hoya itself is making a non-camera purchase and they want to off-load Pentax. A game of musical M&A chairs :)

Further Reading
The purpose of this weekly rewind is to keep it short, but if you want to read EVERYTHING, we got you covered.

You can start by checking the November archives of the main blog, and the most recent updates from all the noisy blogs.

If you finished that and need more, we have over 1000 updates in the Main blog archives :)

If you still need more, please let us know :)

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Week in review (October 25 to Nov 1, 2009): Lightroom 3 beta rolls out

One more week has gone by, and it is time to recap the week that was! There were no new cameras or lenses announced this week.

Toshiba fired the first shot in the 1/2.3" megapixel wars by announcing a new 1.4 micron backlist CMOS sensor that should start making its way in Q3 2010. By then we'll probably have 20-megapixel cell-phones ;-)

Lightroom 3 generated some excitement as more photographers downloaded the free 6-month trial and experimented with it. See some of the updates at the software mini-blog. And speaking of software, Phase One revealed Capture 5.

Fake Chuck delivered yet another reality check to the big bosses at Canon.

PDN Gear published a state of the serious compact article rounding up their extended PPE coverage.

It was another week that rained reviews from all corners of the universe, including hot cameras like the Canon 7D, S90 and G11, Panasonic GF1 and pancake, Pentax K-x, and many more.

Samsung may be announcing their first NX-series camera in the next few days says the rumorsphere, while rumors of Ricoh's plan for a mirrorless and rather different iLC are also continuing.

On the Sonolta front, there is talk of a 14.6mp full frame Alpha A750, which, if so, would/could/should give Alpha a competitive price advantage among fans of 35mmFF.

And the Hoya executives continued to feed the fires, this time the COO talked "partners" and "electronics guys".

Want more?
We finished the month of October with 229 updates just on the main blog, not counting the diaries and the separate blogs. That's an average of over 7 per day! Oy vey!

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