Sunday, November 8, 2009

Week in review (November 2-8): Olympus E-P2 is official

One more week is in the books, so it is time to recap things! We summarize this in a new edition of the "five minute rewind".

The Big Story: New Olympus E-P2
It may be November, but don't tell that to the camera manufacturers! Olympus has revealed its second Micro Four Thirds digital camera, the Olympus E-P2, offering more features and more price than the E-P1. The camera is estimated to ship in December/January.

In addition, Olympus has announced two new lenses that are expected to ship in the first half of 2010, and also revealed four lenses in their 2011 lens road map.

Review Parade continues
This was another busy review week, with cameras like the Canon 7D and Panasonic GF1 continuing to get waves and waves of attention. Leica itself got into the action, with two M9 reviews and X1 samples at dpreview. We even had a Sigma civil war.

Copyright law overhaul in UK?
Photographers in the UK may need to make drastic adjustments to their revenue models as the proposed overhaul of the copyright system would give non-profit users free-range.

But what exactly is non-profit these days? If a non-profit derivative work goes viral online (happens all the time), it could bring the "copier" revenue directly and indirectly. Then what?

Other stories of interest
DxO Optics version 6 is now offically announced , with Windoze users being able to download it immediately, and MacPhone users at a later time.

A number of Japanese old-media and new-media business publications circulated the rumor that JVC was buying Pentax from Hoya, as they were looking to off-load their music-software business. Hoya itself is making a non-camera purchase and they want to off-load Pentax. A game of musical M&A chairs :)

Further Reading
The purpose of this weekly rewind is to keep it short, but if you want to read EVERYTHING, we got you covered.

You can start by checking the November archives of the main blog, and the most recent updates from all the noisy blogs.

If you finished that and need more, we have over 1000 updates in the Main blog archives :)

If you still need more, please let us know :)

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