Saturday, November 21, 2009

Week in review (November 15-21): Casio has three new cameras

Another week is in the books and it is time for a recap in this a new edition of the "Five Minute Rewind".

New Gear This Week
Casio apparently thought this was CES 2010 week because they announced three new CES-friendly digital cameras, two of them in Japan, the EX-FH25 and EX-FC150 (superzoom and speed-demon compact) and the rugged EX-G1 in the US market. Geographic confusion! The first two are sequential updates on first edition models, while the G1 is a brand new model that looks more "scary" than the typical waterproof/elementproof camera out there.

But Casio was not the only one! At the other end of the spectrum, Hasselblad announced a multi-shot version of their H3Dii-50 medium format camera. The multi-shot feature shifts the sensor so it can collect full RGB data. Needless to say, it costs more than a Leica :)

Speaking of which, spitting in the face of the global economic recession, Leica announced a new luxury version of the (film) M7 camera, blinged-out by Hermes. Oh Leica...

Bring the fun back in photography
CNet Asia took a look at the new Yashica retro-digicam, dubbed as the "Digital Holga".

Also on the fun size, we have a poll asking readers to opine poll-wise on what they think of iPhone photography.

New Review-Clusters
We added seven more review-lists to the Review Organizers, making it easier for you to quickly find reviews of some of today's hot new cameras. This burst-mode update includes the Alpha A500/A550, the slim-zoom trio (Fuji F70, Panasonic ZR1/ZX1, Casio EX H10), and a couple of consumer-geek cameras (Nikon S1000pj, Sony WX1).

More Reviews
The review train continues to roll down the hills of CameraVille ;-) You can check all the reviews we featured during the week, including a lot of Canon action (S90, G11, 7D).

Further Reading
You can check the latest updates from all the noisy blogs at the Headlines page and check all the archives of the main blog at the Archives page.

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