Sunday, November 15, 2009

Week in review (November 9-15): Ricoh shocks the market with GXR system

Welcome to another weekly recap. Just because it is mid-November, it doesn't mean the waves of new products are going to be quiet, especially this year!

The Big Story: Ricoh's GXR takes the world by storm
The big story of this week, if not perhaps one of the stories of the year was Ricoh's bold new GXR system, which changes the camera landscape by introducing a new approach: interchangeable blocks that consists of the lens and the sensor fused together. The initial system launch is in the form of a macro lens with an APS-C sensor, and a zoom lens with a 1/1.7x" sensor that is similar in zoom range to the Ricoh GX200.

New products this week
Casio is offering a golfer friendly version of their EX-FS10 bijou camera, named the EX-FS10S (S not for silver). Currently it appears to be a Japan-only release.

Review Action
This was another loaded week full of reviews with the Canon 7D and S90 getting a lot of attention.

You may find these interesting
Rollei may be making a comeback as the company who purchased remaining F&H assets is gearing up for production again. Details are yet to be finalized (or at least, revealed).

A Leica-HQ guy hinted at a Photokina 2010 announcement of the exciting variety in the Leica-verse.

You can teach kids of all ages the basics of digital camera design when the BigShots camera kit becomes available. For now, here is some initial information.

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