Sunday, June 28, 2009

Week in review (June 21-28, 2009)

Welcome to a new edition of the week-in-review, a quick summary of the week that was, for those who were too busy or just needs a refresher!

The Big Story: Olympus E-P1
The Olympus E-P1 continues to be the big story, with sample pictures, hands-on reports, and non-stop forum discussions dominating the photo-blogo-sphere. We have captured some of the action this week, and you can check it at the E-P1 mini-blog.

New Cameras
Pentax launched the Optio W80, another waterproof camera replacing the current W60. This feature alone makes it stand out from the other 100+ shiny silvers, although this segment too is starting to get competitive as Canon, Panasonic, Fuji and others have also jumped in.

Outrage of the week
Panasonic's decision to block all 3rd-party batteries because of alleged "risks" to consumers did not fly with consumers. Reactions around the tech-blogs and also in our reader's poll.

Impact Reviews
The Pentax K7 saw its bubble deflate a little bit as non-production reviews and samples made their way to the internet, while some pixel-peepers started raising questions about the samples.

The Panasonic GH1 got another review, adding more to the current "knowledge-base". This one was just posted at Photo Review.

The Olympus E620 got more review-attention this week, with two impact-reviews posted by DC-Resource and Olympus specialist

You can check more review action at the reviews mini-blog.

Canon 5D Mark II world
In the 5DMk2 world, there were two firmware update discussions, one of course the one from Canon, and another one that is developed by photographers on their own as an open-source project. You can read all about them and more through the 5D Mk2 diary/blog.

More action
You can check all the blog posts at the main blog by visiting the June 2009 archives.

You can follow tidbits, newsbytes, pictures from our flickr pool, status updates and a lot more at our Twitter page.

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The Photographer's Four Seasons

The pictures speak for themselves in this article, even if you do not speak french: The photographer's four seasons is a photo-post at Le Monde de la Photo. And all the pictures taken were with the Fuji S5 Pro, which is perhaps why you may have liked the dynamic range of the photos :-) Be sure to also check page #2, there is a link to it at the bottom of that page.

If you are using a slower internet connection or a loaded browser, it may take a little bit before everything loads!

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy trails Kodachrome!

Yes, it is farewell time for Kodakchrome. Fans this film are surely not happy today. You can read and hear more on this at the Imaging Insider where the topic is also discussed in their latest podcast.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Week in review (June 14-20, 2009)

Welcome to another edition of the weekly rewind, a summary of the week that was. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to guess the big story of the week. It was... the announcement of a new lens cap by Vivitar!

The Big Story: The Olympus Micro Four Thirds Big Bang
Okay, that was a poor attempt at a joke :) The big story was of course the Olympus Micro Four Thirds Big Bang, highlighted by the announcement of the Olympus E-P1 with two lenses and assorted accessories. We've had wall-to-wall coverage, here are some of the highlights:
+ Countdown to the Announcement
+ Roundup of Previews and hands-on reports
+ Roundup of sample pictures and videos.
+ Opinions and reactions by various photo-bloggers in the blogosphere
+ The new Pre-Ordering Center for the E-P1, lenses, and accessories
+ past, present and future E-P1 stories at the E-P1 mini-blog

From the RumorLand
Leica generated a lot of buzz, albeit in the shadow of the E-P1 mania, when the Leica Chieftians made forward-looking statements at the non-internet Leica forum. You can catch up with all that at the Leica mini-blog.

Meanwhile, it what could have been a webisode of "The Office" a video came out showing an alleged brochure of an alleged Nikon D300s.

And speaking of Nikon, Thom Hogan and other Nikonians joined in a forum discussion speculating on what's coming up from Nikon six weeks from now. We couldn't resist the temptation, so we went into a speculation trance as well ;-)

Reviews of Note
As one would have guessed, the first "full review" of the Pentax K7 was a review FAIL. A rushed and poorly conducted review caused an uproar in the Pentax forumsphere that dissected the so-called-review like a frog.

A four-pack of review-clusters were added this week to our review organizers, featuring the Nikon D5000, Canon Digital Rebel T1i (500D, Kiss X3), along with the Panasonic TZ7/ZS3 and Canon SX200is. We hope we can have a couple more review-clusters finished by next week.

The Top Sellers Soap-Opera returns
After an embarrassing 40-day delay, we returned with new updates of the top selling digital camera charts. As you can expect, after 40 days, there were some dramatic movements among cameras that had a change in their stock-status. Surprisingly though, many of the rest of the cameras did not have any dramatic changes in pricing.

Further Reading
You can catch with all the posts we rattled out throughout the week by looking at the June archives and the sticky Blog Headlines.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Week in review (June 7-13, 2008)

Welcome to another edition of the "Weekly Rewind", where we recap the week that was for you, so you don't have to! The rewind only includes some of the top stories in our opinion, it does not include everything that happened during the week. Putting everything in would defeat the purpose of having a rewind, since you can read everything by ...reading everything :)

The Big Story: Waiting for Olympus Micro Four Thirds
The waiting is driving everyone mad, but Olympus has promised the June 16 date (depending on time zone) for their Micro Four Thirds Big Bang. You can catch the Olympus E-P1 action, along with the Panasonic GH1 excitement, at our Micro Four Thirds mini-blog.

Hot Cameras of the week
The Nikon D5000 probably had the best week it is ever going to have, as they have "defeated" the T1i/500D at the DXOMark tests, and received even more reviews, including one from dpreview itself.

Meanwhile the Pentax K7 buzz has finally dropped off, after a surprisingly-sustained non-stop buzz.

Two new cameras announced!
Casio is the latest company to jump in the "fun compact zoom" segment, and they have done it with the very stylish EX-F10. This is not a folded-optics camera, so there is hope it won't be the total disaster their EX-V7 and EX-V8 were (and we are being nice here ;-)

The other new camera is the Fuji Z300fd announced in Japan, their new folded-optics bijou-flagship.

Our regular readers will be thrilled to know that we brought you the news of these two at least 24 hours before the major camera websites picked them up. So it pays to read this blog early and often!

Impact Reviews
It is no secret that in the online world, the pixel-peepiential reviews are getting more attention than the real-world-photographer type of reviews. Which is why we try to feature a more balanced mix. And it was thanks to one of our readers that we noticed this LX3 vs G10 article by a bicycling photographer.

The Sigma DP2 action continued, albeit, the promise and premise of Foveon has essentially returned into its typical "sandbox" of "great sensor / sub-par camera implementation" that has been a major deterrent in the mass-appeal of Sigma-Foveon.

Father's Day causing good deals
With Father's day being just seven days away, we saw an increase in good and tempting deals in the world of digital cameras. You can check the latest ones out at the Camera Deals blog, and remember to check beyond the first page, or use the navigation links at the top to find posts by manufacturer.

Further Reading
You can check the latest headlines from all the noisy blogs at the Noisy Headlines page which is fresh with new updates every time you visit it, using the power of Feedburner's magic.

You can also check all the June 2009 posts at the main blog. We don't have a stream of all the posts from all the noisy blogs, we are considering it, but we fear that it would be so long it would be unreadable!

Do you find the weekly rewind useful/helpful?

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New podcasts on photography

The Imaging Insider is spotlightning eight different photography-orbiting podcasts for us all to check out. They include a variety of topics from diverse sources, which make for interesting and entertaining listens. All the featured podcasts in their round-up are available via iTunes.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Week in review (June 1-6, 2009)

Welcome to a new edition of the "Weekly Rewind", a recap of the week that was!

The Big Story
A couple of camera-body pictures of the upcoming Olympus E-P1 made their way to the internets and finally managed to fire up the Olympus Micro Four Thirds excitement that Olympus was slowly building up by looking at the Pen legacy.

With an alleged June 15/16 announcement, you betcha next week is going to be Olympus heavy!

The "B" Story
There was a lot of Panasonic GH1 action this week, with almost two major reviews posted, along with assorted lens reviews and samples. If it wasn't for the late-breaking Olympus leak, the GH1 would have been the story of the week.

YAB debuts his "HOME 2009" video project
Critically-acclaimed and friend of the Earth photographer Yanns Artus Bertrand released his 93-minute video "HOME" on the YouTubes on Friday.

Impact Reviews
The curiosity review belongs to the Kodak Z980, a camera that comes with a vertical grip that actually has no battery, but just makes the camera thicker/taller and allows for the use of a second (vertical) shutter button which actually resides on the camera body. If anyone tried to predict this before Kodak announced this, they would have gotten their very own virtual straightjacket ;-)

You can check all the recent reviews of note in our Reviews mini-blog.

As the K7 World Turns
The biggest Pentax K7 story this week were the full-size JPEG and RAW samples at Photography Blog.

Sad was the mad dash by third-tier review sites publishing what no one would really call a "review" in their right mind. One of them even had horribly compressed pictures with wiped out EXIF data.

Meanwhile, a duo of Adorama bloggers had the camera in their hands and posted their hands-on first impressions and they were indeed excited about it, calling it a System Changer DSLR.

Shopping Wars
We explained why we don't has Walmart at the

Silly item of the week
Inspired by yet another teenage-lobotomy celebrity promoting Nikon DSLRs, we launched a poll asking people to vote on who they thought would be some good celebrity ideas to promote the K7.

Check all the headlines
You can check all the headlines of all the posts at the main blog in the June 2009 archives and the latest posts from all the noisy blog at the blog headlines page, which is refreshed automatically whenever it is loaded again.

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