Saturday, August 29, 2009

Week in review (August 23 to 29 2009)

Welcome to another five-minute-review, where we try to recap the week that was in five minutes or less!

The Big Story: Sony's DSLR Power-Play
The big story this week was Sony's DSLR attack on the market, starting with the Alpha A850, a 35mm-full-frame DSLR that lowers the 35mmFF club admission fee to $2000 for a brand new digital camera. The camera has 24-megapixels and it is very similar to the current A900 flagship.

Coming along side are two semi-mid-range cameras that have a lot in common, the 14mp CMOS-based Alpha A550 with its 7fps burst mode, and the 12mp CMOS-based Alpha A500.

Alongside the three DSLRs came the Sony 28-75mm f2.8 SAM lens, a 35mmFF lens going for $800, but despite the workhorse specifications, it did not get the prestigious "G" marking, which has some wondering that this may be a Tamron rebrand.

The Canon 7D gets closer
The Canon 7D got louder and louder as more bits and pieces got leaked. Also rumor-leaked were two EF-S lenses and a 100mm f2.8 LISUSM macro. Needless to say, rumor-leaks are not the same as official announcements, so don't sell the car just yet!

Other new cameras this week
While everybody was busy with Sony and Canon, Samsung has sneaked in their own mega-zoom a 24X mega-zoom that actually offers RAW and manual exposure.

Not officially announced, but "discovered" on the Panasonic website was the $100 P&S LiIon-based Panasonic FS4, which sadly has the ID-Security battery "feature".

Impact Reviews
There was a lot of review action this week, with a number of cameras getting their first looks, including the Fuji F70EXR and Sony A850, while the Sony A380 got "dismantled" at dpreview. Others getting reviews included the Nikon D3000 and Ricoh GRD III.

Other happenings
The HD-powered Nikon D300s is now shipping at the expected price of $1800, alongside the entry-level D3000.

Further Reading
You can relive the whole week play-by-play by checking the August archives of the main blog, and the list of the latest posts at the other noisy blogs.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Week in review (August 16 to 23 2009)

Welcome to another edition of the short but sweet week-in-review! So, let's get started!

The Big Story: Canon Powershots strike back
It looks like Canon is taking its challengers seriously because all of the six new Powershots announced have existential merits. In a world of shiny-silver-clones, it is very rare to have a six-camera litter where every camera can be justified.

The star of the show was the surprise, the S90 IS, a camera that resurrects the S-series and takes on the LX3 head-on.

The G11 was also a mild-surprise as it grew a tilting LCD-display and showing shocking megapixel-restraint as it downshifted to a new 10mp 1/1.7" Sony sensor that promises noise and dynamic-range improvements.

The SX20 is and SX120is follow-up their predecessors with no alarms and no surprises and that's not a bad thing, since both were well-received cameras out there.

The six-pack concludes with two wide-angle Elphs, something rare so far in the Canon world. In-fact the wide-bodied SD980is is the first Elph to go 24mm wide, while the SD940is is a more traditional boxy-Elph that starts at 28mm wide.

Other New Cameras
In addition to the six Canons, Ricoh announced the CX2, a 28-300mm upgrade to the CX1, and a healthy 50K/month initial production output.

Not new, but grounded was the Leica S2, as Leica committed to an actual shipping month!

Impact Review
The Pentax K-7 review at Imaging Resource was the impact review of the week, as not only has it given us more insight in the K-7, but also is a great test-case in pointing out the challenges of a traditional camera review when dealing with a multi-dimensional plane of evaluation and use-case parameters.

The Community Feed is live!
We love experimenting, and one such experiment went live this week, the Community Feed, that spotlights the latest posts from the photography-priority websites and blogs of our readers. It is open to websites big and small. You can also check out all participating blogs at this community feed index page.

The Shocker
In a rather strange turn of events, the Hoya CEO dropped a casual cherry-bomb: He claimed that Pentax alone can't survive in the long-run. This obviously generated a lot of discussion.

For more
For more be sure to check the August archives, along with a stream of the latest post from all the Noisy Blogs.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Week in review (August 9 to 15)

Welcome to a new five-minute rewind, a recap of the week that was in five minutes or less (or the next one is free!)

The Big Story: Leica sets date for S2
Leica has now committed to delivering the first Leica S2 units in October. They have also confirmed the finalized specifications with the starting price of $23,000 which is not exactly pocket change.

New Cameras: Samsung doubles the displays
It was a quiet week in terms of announcements, but Samsung stole the show with their dual view point and shoot compacts, two cameras that have an LCD display on the front and on the back.

The new camera also feature GPS and WiFi and touch-screens and things like that. Also along them was a more traditional single-screen folded-optics bijou, the CL65/ST1000.

Impact Reviews
The Ricoh GRD 3 got two reviews on the same day from the same continent! It was Ricoh Day in Oceania!

An impact review of a different type, the Samsung HZ15w got its review at one of the major review sites, but were the results what Samsung fans wanted to read? Find out!.

Not yet finalized, but very interesting for sure, Imaging Resource has posted all their lab test results of the Pentax K7!

Further Reading
You can check all the news of the week at the August archives and the headlines from all the noisy blogs.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Week in review (August 1 to 8)

Welcome to a new edition of the five-minute rewind, where we summarize the week that was in the world of digital cameras. The rewinds are intended to be read in five minutes or less!

The Big Story: Panasonic GF1 leaked!
The big story, without doubt, this week, was the forum-leak of the third Panasonic Micro 4/3rds camera, the Lumix GF1. This is a camera closer in size to the Olympus E-P1, with a flash but without sensor-shift image stabilization. Along with it, two lenses were shown, including a 45mm (90mm equivalent).

New Cameras this week
It was a busy week in terms of new cameras getting officially announced! Here we go:

+ Two new Sonys with the Exmor-R 1/2.4" CMOS sensor, the WX1 and bijou TX1

+ A trio of new Pentax Optios headlined by a promising-on-paper waterproof camera, the Optio WS80.

+ Four new Nikon Coolpixies headlined by the projector-bearing S1000pj (pj is not for photojournalist), and the touch-screen-controlled S70

Crazy Marketing
Some may find Samsung's imaging blog a bit Xanga-like circa-2003, but Samsung took it to a "whole nuther level" with the Tap and Take (not a hip-hop video) teaser-campaign for upcoming touch-sensitive compacts.

Whenever we see a campaign of this hype, we immediately think, "the next Nikon Coolpix SQ".

Impact Reviews
There was the usual wave of reviews, but most of them got overshadowed by the news and rumors of the week. You can check the ones we featured at the reviews mini-blog which includes the third waterproof group test, DC-Watch getting firsts on the Ricoh GRD3 and Fuji F70exr, and on the Sony WX1. We will cover the rest of the camera reviews in upcoming mega-round-ups, providing they stop announcing new cameras every eight hours :-)

All the posts of the last seven days
This post is merely a digest of the week that was. You can check all the posts from the last seven days in our August archives.

And you can also check the posts from the other "Noisy blogs" by checking the Blog Headlines page.

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Week in review (July 26 - August 1)

Due to the increased camera chatter, we were not able to post a weekly recap for the previous week, but fear not, we are posting it now :-) We just don't want to leave a temporal hole in the blog annals ;-)

The Big Story: Maitani passes away
Maitani, the father of the Pen and one of the all-time greats in the world of camera design has passed away but lived to see his PEN design get transported to the digital era with the E-P1.

New Nikon DSLRs and lenses
Nikon added two more DSLRs to the pool of options with the D300s, an HD-powered improvement on the two-year-old D300, and the D3000, a sidekick to the current D5000 but hopefully without the power-recall-issues.

On the lens front, the 70-200mm lens got version II and it is now upgrade bait for the amateurs and professional photographers looking to buy new lenses.

The other lens that came out was also a version II, this one of the 18-200mm DX VR superzoom.

Stories of interest
Sell that new car and go for that trusty old Civic or Accord. That may be one way to fund a future purchase of the Leica S-system, whose prices were revealed, with the camera itself (Leica S2) coming in at $23000.

The financial results kept coming in, and as you can expect, the state of the world economy is not exactly launching parties at the camera manufacturers.

More New Cameras from Panasonic and Ricoh
In addition to the Nikon DSLRs, we also had some more new cameras officially revealed:

+ Four new Panasonics, headlined by the RAWzoomer FZ35/FZ38 and the new sub-line even-smaller-than-before fun-zoom, the ZX1/ZR1. Don't yell at us for the double-names, please yell at Panasonica :)

+ Ricoh strikes back with GRD III, a megapixel-restrained camera with a new f1.9 lens. This is a camera to watch, but just don't expect miracles. This came out (pure coincidence of course) just hours after we had an impromptu Ricoh Day.

All the posts
You can check all the posts from that week by visiting the July archives of the main blog.

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