Saturday, October 24, 2009

Week in review (October 18 to 24, 2009): Canon 1D Mark IV is revealed

Closer and closer we get to 2010 calendar fans :) This was Photo Plus Expo week, with a number of websites and blogs writing from the trade show floor. We have round-ups of interest, and you can also check our last year's coverage in case you are feeling like a time-traveler.

Big Story: Canon 1D Mark IV is announced
Last week was all about the Nikon D3s, this week it was Canon's turn to answer, and answer they did! And the good news for people who like variety and diversity, the bradn new 1D Mark IV is different from the D3s. It has a 1.3x (APS-H) sensor and 16mp versus the 12mp of 35mmFF of the D3s. So choices there are young Photo-Jedis ;-)

Reviews of interest
As expected, this was another busy week with reviews as more of the cameras of interest got put through the paces at various review sites.

In Other Action
The Leica S2 got delayed again, at the excitement of its medium format rivals.

Canon once again showed how detached is from the internet reality as they once again pulled a viral Laforet video.

Adobe got into the action as well, by launching a public beta of Lightroom 3, free for everyone to use until the end of April 2010. Six months FREE :)

Noisy blog updates
We have a new shortcut url for you so you can quickly get to the front page of the main blog from any computer in the world! Simply type and you will be taken there. It's easy to remember 1001noisycameras = 1001nc! And it's easy to type! Just seven characters :)

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week in review (Oct 11 to 17): Nikon D3s is revealed

Another week is in the books, and closer we get to 2010! So let's summarize the week that was.

The Big Story: All your ISOs are belong to us!
Nikon officially announced their new high ISO leader, the 9fps Nikon D3s. This is a camera that follows up on the influential Nikon D3 that was revealed in August 2007. Nikon has made a number of improvements, but showed megapixel-restraint by remaining at 12mp and thus driving the more-megapixels-please crowd crazy ;-)

We have also started a new hybrid page as an on-going D3s reference.

New Gear this week
Along with the D3s came the 85mm f3.5 DX VR lens, not intended to accompany the D3s (obviously) but to provide one more lens option for the DX shooters.

Meanwhile the medium format world continued to make news, with the new Leaf announcing the $8000 Aptus II 5 digital back, which when combined with a $2000 body+lens kit, providing an even more affordable entry-point into the world of digital medium format. The price delta between MF and the top of the 35mmFF world (D3X, M9, 1DsMk3) is essentially gone!

And in the world of Zeiss, a 28mm f2 ZE lens for the Canon EF-mount was revealed.

Review season continues
The waves and waves of reviews continued this week, as more and more of the exciting or mysterious cameras of the last few months are making it into the hands of photographers. Of course not all reviews are alike, and usually the faster one produces a review, the less detailed and in-depth it is. So in some cases, it pays to wait for the expert reviewers to post their diatribes.

Among the gear seeing review-action this week were the Canon 7D, Leica M9, Sony Exmor-R, the Canon 100mm f2.8 hybrid IS and Nikon 70-200 VR II lenses, the Alpha A850 and A550/500 and more.

You can also check all the Micro Four Thirds reviews in reverse chronological order at our new and disciplined reference mini-site.

Other Items of Interest
One of the die-hard Foveon-Sigma fans Laurence Matson gave a 30-minute interview to the Imaging Insider talking and defending all things Foveonesque.

Epson dives in the advanced EVF bandwagon promising to provide more usable alternatives to optical viewfinders for use in advanced digital cameras.

We could go on for hours, but then it would defeat the purpose of a weekly digest :) For those who want to catch up with everything we recommend:
+ October archives
+ latest upgrades from all the noisy blogs

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Week in review (October 4 to 10)

One more week, and closer to 2010 we get! Eighty days before the turn of the new year, fall is here, and it appears digital camera manufacturers are not done yet for 2009!

The Big Story: Canon dominates the headlines
It was a big Canon week indeed, with the Canon 7D getting into the hands of more and more photographers, along with the Canon G11 and potentially the breakaway hit of the season, the S90 IS.

Great Expectations
All eyes will be on Nikon in the next few days as they will be having an announcement of sorts. Will it be a D3s? A D700 companion model? A fixed-lens camera with a bigger sensor? Something boring? Something surprising? We'll know by the middle of the week! And we'll turn the blog banner yellow (Nikon color) in anticipation :)

New Cameras
Exemode announced in Japan a new retro-looking digital camera intended to go on sale in Japan for the equivalent of under $100. This fixed-lens camera with a 5mp sensor will carry the name of Yashica EZ-F521. Not an easy to remember name. A number of people are already thinking of it as some sort of a "Digital Holga".

In this case, it was more of a new model-name than a camera in its own right, as Fuji announced the F72 EXR, a rebadge of the F70 EXR for select retailers, similar to the F40fd/F45fd and other past Finepixies.

From the Noisy Research department
We took all the data for the new cameras of 2009 and summarized it, not with text, but (for a change) with graphs and pictures. A quick way to visualize the year in cameras!

Review Action
As usual, plenty of reviews hit the internet waves, including the Panasonic GF1, Nikon D300s, Pentax K-7 and more! Speaking of reviews, we added more review clusters and we will be added some more in the coming week.

All the action
The purpose of this weekly recap is to be a five minute recap, but if you wish, you can relive all the action play-by-play by checking the October archives, along with a list of the latest post from all the noisy blogs.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Week in review (Sept 27 - Oct 3)

Another week is in the books! Welcome to the Weekly-Rewind, a desperate attempt at summarizing the week that was in five minutes or less. Five minutes or less, or the next one is free :-)

The Big Story: The Canon 7D floodgates open
The biggest story of the week was the slow but steady opening of the Canon 7D floodgates. As it is often the case with new and high-demand cameras, it is often an adventure finding one in-stock, and the forums catch fire with excitement, samples, first impressions, debates, and of course the obligatory speculation about the replacement model :)

You can catch all the 7D action of the past week, and beyond, by checking out the 7D mini-blog

New Cameras This Week
Sigma promises that this time, unlike all the other times, they have real performance and functionality improvements on their new camera, the DP1s, which is a quixotic (?) attempt at modernizing the DP1.

Sony posted some R&D and prototype eye-candy with their new single-lens 3D technology. Typically, most 3D implementation so far, including the compact Fuji 3D system use two lenses. Of course the Sony technology is for the big iron video cameras at the moment, not of the Cybershot variety.

Not to be outdone by Hasselblad, the Phase One, Mamiya and Schneider alliance had some new product announcements, including four new DSLRs from Mamiya, which forgot to give anyone any tangible details, which si probably why the majority of photography websites ignored them. Phase One unveiled the "base camera" of it all, the 645DF, which is a medium-format camera in need of a digital back for digital capture. Joining the two is Schneider, providing three new digital lenses and being part of this collaboration.

PMA Blues
As if the state of the world economy and the balance sheets of the camera manufacturers were not bad enough, Canon decided to eject from PMA 2010, perhaps opening the door for more virtual trade shows.

Panasonic GF1 ships!
Another big theme this week was the release of the Panasonic GF1, with the GF1 zoom kit currently shipping for $900, while the GF1 pancake kit shipping only for some of the early-bird pre-orderers.

Also good news for Panasonic fans, some of the supply issues are improving, as this week we saw the LX3K, GH1, two M4/3rds lenses (14-140, 7-14), and even the black G1 shipping at their normal prices from different retailers.

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